San Diego Self Defense





Regardless of who you are, being able to defend yourself is a necessary skill in todays world. At some stage in your life you may become a victim of family violence, sexual assault, abduction/kidnapping, home invasion, armed robbery, or harrassment. 

We aim to empower our community by building confidence in self protection, raising awareness, teaching you to assess risk factors, and preparing you to respond to acts of violence whilst keeping yourself safe and alive. We will arm you with skills and techniques to defend and escape different attack scenarios. Training is real, relevant and effective!

Why Bujinkan?
What works on the Tournament mat may not work on the street, and what works on the street is often “against the rules” in Tournament competition. The Bujinkan houses nine ancient Japanese warrior traditions utilized by the Samurai and Ninja. Each school has its own specialties ranging from the Ninjutsu school, Togakure Ryu which emphasizes escape and evasion to the Samurai school of Koto Ryu known for its bone breaking techniques. These martial arts lineages and schools of strategy are full self-protection and self-defense systems that are as viable today as they were when they were created.