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Ninja Kids

Ninja Kids is a Martial Arts program designed for children, where skills and techniques are learned through fun games and activities.

It allows children to learn and enjoy the Traditional Martial Arts of Japan and the secret skills of the Ninja! Children are instructed in a wide variety of skills based on traditional techniques.

Training is based on at least three areas: moral foundation, historical perspective, and physical training. Physical training is taijutsu or "body arts", including a broad range of physical skills: evasions, rolls and breakfalls, strikes, kicks, locks, throws, chokes, etc. The weapon arts are a natural extension of the taijutsu. Training for both adults and children is conducted in a supportive, "family" atmosphere. Since these arts do not rely on upper-body strength, they can be learned as easily by women as by men. There is no competition or tournaments, as competition can encourage people to "prove themselves" and possibly get hurt.